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John Daly Golfs Better When He’s Drunk…

…just like I’m more fun when I’m drunk.  Or at least that’s what my friends tell me.  Here’s a recent story about John Daly.  The guy is great.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Halfway Report Card (3-3)

Well, Notre Dame checks in at the halfway point at 3-3.  Meh.  Not horrific, but certainly not good.  Let’s take a quick look at the Notre Dame Report Card:

Coaching:  C –

Haven’t really seen a ton out of Brian Kelly in terms of GameDay coaching.  Not being prepared in full for the fake field goal against Michigan State resulted in a Loss.  His constant yelling at players is fine with tgiab.com.  If the players screw up, they should be held accountable.  Take, for example, what Brian Kelly had to say about Cierre Wood:

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Monday: Dare You Not To…

Starting a new tradition here at tgiab:  The all-new, “Monday: Dare You Not To…”

Each Monday, we will post something, with a “Dare You Not To” theme.

The 1st Dare You Not To… is:

Dare You Not To… Enjoy the Shit Out of this Song/Video:

Tough Ryder Cup Loss

But at least it gave us this picture of Tiger Woods hitting a shot straight at a cameraman, who had the wherewithall to actually snap this picture:

Now, is the best thing about this picture the ball going straight at the camera? Or is it what I circled in red (after the jump). Continue reading

Awesome Video Friday

Alright, alright.  I know this video is a tad beat cheesey with the wording, but it is still awesome.

I mean I still toe-boom a ball if I am trying to kick it hard.  And all of us played on an interhall team that scored zero goals throughout the season (although I do think we had 4 Headers-In-A-Row once.  And yes, that is an official stat.  Headers-In-A-Row, HIAR).  But I can still appreciate the shit out of this video.

Joe-Pa said it best, “I was listening on the radio.  I couldn’t get espn3 to work on my computer, but I just watched the replay.  It’s so great to be an American.”

Perfect Game

Joe, Joe, Dave and the other dude who visits this site besides myself, lets conspiracy theorize for a moment.  In an attempt to steal the spotlight and further cement its role as America’s favorite pastime, MLB makes a call to the crew of Wednesday’s Indians vs. Tigers game.  “Hey Jim, we have a perfect game going here, two innings left.  If there’s a close play break up the perfect game.  Trust us, it’ll work out.  The NBA and NHL have nothing on us.”

Wish granted…

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