Monday: Dare You Not To…

Starting a new tradition here at tgiab:  The all-new, “Monday: Dare You Not To…”

Each Monday, we will post something, with a “Dare You Not To” theme.

The 1st Dare You Not To… is:

Dare You Not To… Enjoy the Shit Out of this Song/Video:


6 Responses

  1. when did this become three gay guys in a basement?

  2. Vehemently disagree.

    You are telling me you were in a bad mood after that song?

  3. I am in a bad mood after watching that. I spent the entire song trying to decide if she’s a 9 or a 7 because I’d never seen her before. Still can’t figure it out. In the beginning in the diner, she was looking very ordinary and old. But then around 1:15, I really liked her sass on the bus. Call me crazy, but I think she looked really good from 1:45- 2:20, but then at the end she went all Lady Gaga with her outfit and was a solid 6.

  4. Just re-watched it. I don’t like her nose.

  5. The 1:20 mark and 1:30 mark are really good.

    Summed it up well with sass on the bus.

    She kinda has that look that she knows something I don’t know but that I really want to know. And she thinks it’s funny. Damn her.

  6. She looked best in her white shirt and tie look. I’d say she was really good looking then. No so much after she changed.

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