So you’re probably thinking: “‘Three Guys in a Basement?’  I see four names up there.”  That is very observant of you, so here is the clarification.  The “Three Guys” are Dave, Ryan, and JoePa.  JoeG acts as our lawyer even though he has not graduated from law school yet.  He joined the group late, after it had already been named, and it would have been way too much work to change our name.

Plus, we already had strict rules about marriage and who is allowed in the basement.  Because JoeG is married, we couldn’t really change our name to “Four Guys in a Basement and JoeG’s Lovely Wife.”  It just does not roll off the tongue like TGIAB.  However, JoeG is still a huge asset to the group.  In addition to sports commentary, he will provide marriage advice to anyone who want it.  The rest of us aren’t really qualified to talk about relationships, especially Dave and JoePa.  In addition to marriage, JoeG is our resident expert on Illinois, the North Dining Hall, being invincible, making gravy, Rantoul, the Illini, the Boat Club, and the St. Joseph’s County jail.


2 Responses

  1. Funny how your lawyer is the one most familiar with the inside of St. Joseph’s County jail

  2. I was wondering if you guys wanted to trade links? I’ve just added your site on my links page.

    I’m a double domer and have just done this site now for little over a year. I currently work in higher education in South Bend.

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