Notre Dame Fighting Irish Halfway Report Card (3-3)

Well, Notre Dame checks in at the halfway point at 3-3.  Meh.  Not horrific, but certainly not good.  Let’s take a quick look at the Notre Dame Report Card:

Coaching:  C –

Haven’t really seen a ton out of Brian Kelly in terms of GameDay coaching.  Not being prepared in full for the fake field goal against Michigan State resulted in a Loss.  His constant yelling at players is fine with  If the players screw up, they should be held accountable.  Take, for example, what Brian Kelly had to say about Cierre Wood:

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More Brey

I’m sure at least a few of you have seen Kayo’s discussion of the ND basketball program.  It’s a pretty good analysis.  However, I think he misses the point.  He compares Brey only with Big East coaches, and discusses how many limits there are on ND compared to other Big East coaches.  But he failed to also compare the program to our so-called “aspirational peers” who have the same or similar academic restrictions.  He also failed to truly lay blame on Brey for not landing classes that could have kept momentum after we had gone to the tournament a few years in a row.  What Kayo does is justify a slightly better than mediocre program.   The team was clearly below mediocre in the 1990s and Brey has gotten it back to some respectability.  He has made sure the team is always going to be a postseason team.  However, he has not set up a program that will consistently go to the NCAA tournament, and he has failed to set up a program that can do anything once it makes it to the NCAA tournament. Continue reading

So it begins

As everyone in America almost certainly now knows (Charlie’s firing was even the NYTimes top story for a while this afternoon), Charlie is packing up the office today.  I feel bad for the big guy, as I think he was a hard worker and showed that ND could still recruit with the best programs in the country, but he was never more than a very good to great offensive coordinator.  Already, my #1 hope, Bob Stoops, appears to have pulled his name out.  I’m hoping that he is playing coy, but it did seem like a better denial than others he has stated previously.  Plus, he doesn’t seem like the Nick Saban type where you really can’t trust a denial, like Saban at Miami a few years back.

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Well, I think we’ve all been pretty busy.  Law school is taking all of my time, JoePa has an FBGF, rsand is rsand (I’m not even sure what that means), and dogolfer got a job, so he has even less time on his hands.  So, we haven’t been posting.  Sorry about that.  Anyways, Weis is done.  It doesn’t matter what he does at Pitt.  I’m not saying the school is for sure firing him, but in my mind he is done.  He has no more support, including from people who wanted to see him succeed, like me.  Anyways, here is some food for thought going into Pitt.  You know, besides the fact that I thought he was personally arrogant and that I had heard he wasn’t all that nice in person, I always liked Charlie.  He seemed to get ND.  He put down major roots in South Bend and he has done some great things, such as pass right, Hannah & Friends, and contacting BC star linebacker Mark Herzlich when he had learned he had cancer and staying in contact with him.   Sadly, Charlie was at best an offensive coordinator who understood that a major part of being a successful team was recruiting.  Recruiting was something that Ty didn’t do and Charlie did, and that probably bought him a fifth year when Ty couldn’t get a fourth.  Too bad that he forgot to create a defense and never developed those nasty lines that could dominate people who tried to run and dominate with the run.  He never was a head coach.  He never learned how to motivate players at the collegiate level, where players play on emotion and not for paychecks.  And for those reasons, he is done.  I don’t care if he wins out.

Where ND Stands

Well, 4 yards short from sending that game into OT.  I’m not saying that ND would have won in OT, but it would have been nice to have had a chance to beat them in the extra period when ND would have been riding the momentum.  But ND came up short.  So close, but no cigar.  What did Saturday mean?  I’m saying it meant that this team fights.  While we knew that, it was nice to see it against the best team on the schedule.

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Beat Southern Cal

Charlie Weis needs to ride Jimmy Clausens arm to victory... or he could be in trouble going forward

Charlie Weis needs to ride Jimmy Clausen's arm to victory... or he could be in trouble going forward

Don’t know if you heard or not, but there is a HUGE game on Saturday.  USC, or, as they hate to be called these days, Southern Cal, is coming to town and trying to continue their recent dominance of the Irish.  We all remember the crappy 38-3 loss last season, and the 38-0 loss in 2007.  We all remember the 3 straight 31 point losses from 2002-2004 and the 20 point loss at the Coliseum in 2006.  And, of course, we all remember the 2005 game.  Makes me angry we didn’t win that game to this day.  But that is the past, and as legendary Mike Ditka has said, the past is for cowards.  Saturday is a new day, and past results do not matter.  If they did, then ND would win since they have more victories in the series.  Well, since will all be traveling this weekend, partying hard starting soon, etc., it seems that today is the best day to let everyone know some of my thoughts on the big game. Continue reading

USC Week – Midseason Report

Clausen has been a leader in the first half and, come Saturday, will need to bring it to even another level

Clausen has been a leader in the first half and, come Saturday, will need to bring it to even another level

The Irish are just before the actual midway point of the season.  The Irish stand 4-1  after 5 games of their 12 game schedule.  However, since this was the teams bye week, it feels like it was the actual halfway point.  So, in a way, we are at the beginning of the second half of the season come Saturday.  Notre Dame needs to start out the second half in a big way.  People are starting to talk about the importance of the Irish game against USC.  Jimmy Clausen is being mentioned as the potential Heisman front runner by at least two of the leading sports sites, but he will need a huge performance on Saturday to get there.  But instead of looking ahead to the big game Saturday (We will get to that some time this week), it’s a good time to look back and hand out grades and some thoughts on the season thus far. Continue reading