John Daly Golfs Better When He’s Drunk…

…just like I’m more fun when I’m drunk.  Or at least that’s what my friends tell me.  Here’s a recent story about John Daly.  The guy is great.

Tough Ryder Cup Loss

But at least it gave us this picture of Tiger Woods hitting a shot straight at a cameraman, who had the wherewithall to actually snap this picture:

Now, is the best thing about this picture the ball going straight at the camera? Or is it what I circled in red (after the jump). Continue reading

Awesome Video Friday

Alright, alright.  I know this video is a tad beat cheesey with the wording, but it is still awesome.

I mean I still toe-boom a ball if I am trying to kick it hard.  And all of us played on an interhall team that scored zero goals throughout the season (although I do think we had 4 Headers-In-A-Row once.  And yes, that is an official stat.  Headers-In-A-Row, HIAR).  But I can still appreciate the shit out of this video.

Joe-Pa said it best, “I was listening on the radio.  I couldn’t get espn3 to work on my computer, but I just watched the replay.  It’s so great to be an American.”

Perfect Game

Joe, Joe, Dave and the other dude who visits this site besides myself, lets conspiracy theorize for a moment.  In an attempt to steal the spotlight and further cement its role as America’s favorite pastime, MLB makes a call to the crew of Wednesday’s Indians vs. Tigers game.  “Hey Jim, we have a perfect game going here, two innings left.  If there’s a close play break up the perfect game.  Trust us, it’ll work out.  The NBA and NHL have nothing on us.”

Wish granted…

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NHL Does Something Right – Stanley Cup Speechless Video

LT Got Drafted? He thinks so, but he knows he had 41 Coors Lights though.

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