JoePa lives next door to an affordable housing apartment complex and across the street from a McDonald’s walk-thru between 1am and 5am.  Several events of the past few years have led him to a life of blogging.  First, his numerous lawsuits have all been thrown out against Joe Paterno.  Second, he peaked athletically in February of 2001 (just before The Accident).  But then he peaked again in the winter of 2004/05 with an intramural broomball world championship in which he scored the winning goal in a shoot-out, but was heartbroken to find out that there is no professional broomball league.  Third, his life-long dream of becoming a professional bullpen catcher was crushed in the summer of 2005 after he sent inquiries to multiple American League teams.  The Toronto Blue Jays and Minnesota Twins were nice enough to respond with a “no” answer, but he has yet to receive word back from the Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics, or his beloved Cleveland Indians.  Until then, he continues to practice and blog.

Beginning in the Fall of 2009, JoePa started following University of Washington football due to his younger brother going to school there.  That has been a struggle, to say the least.


5 Responses

  1. That hat would look good with a Damon Stoudamire jersey.

  2. I think I recognize that Bucksnort hat and especially the horse clock behind you. The Bugaboo as it came to be called.

  3. Joe, Came across your info while Googling for Push Ball information. I’m looking for some information to conduct games during my unit’s Competition Week here at Ft Knox.

    Since you are the resident expert on the subject, can you send me what you can on the game, rules, etc.
    Also, would you be interested in coming to referee our games in March 09?

    Great T-shirt in the pic….GO TOPPERS! (’98)


    MAJ Mike Horn
    Fort Knox, KY

  4. great post – will be keeping up with your writing – cheers! 😉

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