NHL Does Something Right – Stanley Cup Speechless Video


LT Got Drafted? He thinks so, but he knows he had 41 Coors Lights though.

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More Brey

I’m sure at least a few of you have seen Kayo’s discussion of the ND basketball program.  It’s a pretty good analysis.  However, I think he misses the point.  He compares Brey only with Big East coaches, and discusses how many limits there are on ND compared to other Big East coaches.  But he failed to also compare the program to our so-called “aspirational peers” who have the same or similar academic restrictions.  He also failed to truly lay blame on Brey for not landing classes that could have kept momentum after we had gone to the tournament a few years in a row.  What Kayo does is justify a slightly better than mediocre program.   The team was clearly below mediocre in the 1990s and Brey has gotten it back to some respectability.  He has made sure the team is always going to be a postseason team.  However, he has not set up a program that will consistently go to the NCAA tournament, and he has failed to set up a program that can do anything once it makes it to the NCAA tournament. Continue reading

Golden Tate wins the Biletnikoff

Continuing on the journalistic roll tgiab.com is on, we have learned that Golden Tate will be named the 2009 Biletnikoff Award winner.  What an accomplishment.  Notre Dame will miss the best play maker under the dome since arguably the Rocket.

Here’s a recap of his year and all of his touchdowns of 2009:

Notre Dame hires University of Cincinatti’s Brian Kelly

Per usual, tgiab.com breaks the news that every major media outlet is trying to break.  Notre Dame has agreed to terms with Brian Kelly.  Looks to be a 5 year deal, and a substantial pay raise from UC.

Stay tuned to us here at tgiab.com as we follow up this breaking story.


So the first Blazer game I go to this year results in a season ending injury to Greg Oden (I’m calling it the macro-fracture as opposed to his previous microfracture surgery).  On an otherwise benign play, this was one of the most gruesome injuries I’ve ever seen.  When it first happened, I thought it looked like his knee was caved in, and this is how I described it to people.  It didn’t really make sense, but after seeing this picture taken from the same angle as I viewed it live, I can now tell that I wasn’t seeing things.  Here’s to a full recovery of Oden and his broken left patella (more on Portland fans’ feelings later).

Other interesting sights from the game:  Even the announcers were bored until the 4th quarter, opting instead Continue reading

So it begins

As everyone in America almost certainly now knows (Charlie’s firing was even the NYTimes top story for a while this afternoon), Charlie is packing up the office today.  I feel bad for the big guy, as I think he was a hard worker and showed that ND could still recruit with the best programs in the country, but he was never more than a very good to great offensive coordinator.  Already, my #1 hope, Bob Stoops, appears to have pulled his name out.  I’m hoping that he is playing coy, but it did seem like a better denial than others he has stated previously.  Plus, he doesn’t seem like the Nick Saban type where you really can’t trust a denial, like Saban at Miami a few years back.

So, here are a few of my thoughts: Continue reading